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Nos anciens témoignent

What I liked was the "family" aspect of the "inter" community. Everyone knew each other and we had each other's backs. What I benefitted most from was the help in applying for universities from the SIS advising team. My participation in the SIS Harvard Model Congress delegation was great to have on my CV, which opened many doors for me and it also taught me many skills in diplomacy, cooperation, leadership and public speaking.

Arthur Njamfa

Bsc International Relations and Chinese, International Relations and National Security Studies 2019-2023, The London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE Diplomatic Delegation to Taiwan Leader

Emilie Arson

Bachelor of Arts du Collège Universitaire de Sciences Po Paris - Majeure: "politique et gouvernement" 2017-2022, Sciences Po Paris

Master's Degree, Master Politiques Publiques, spécialités Energy, Environment and Sustainability 2020-2023, Sciences Po Paris

Die SIS haben mich gelehrt,
anspruchsvoll mit mir selbst zu sein: Ich gebe mich selten damit zufrieden, nur das Nötigste zu tun. In meinem Studium habe ich gewöhnt bin, mündliche Präsentationen zu halten. Die Wichtigkeit, die dem Mündlichen im Deutschunterricht beigemessen wird, hat mir ein gutes Gefühl gegeben, wenn ich mich vor einer Gruppe ausdrücken muss.


I came to the SIS in Première and Terminale, two years which I really enjoyed! I most benefitted from being encouraged to engage with materials more critically and to study a range of modern texts in English Literature. I then moved on to study Biomedical Sciences at the University of Oxford, and am now studying for a PhD in Immunology at University College London (UCL). Even as a STEM student, writing is a surprisingly crucial skill, as your main output is often papers, reviews or written reports. Having learnt how to structure an essay and to justify arguments turned out to be very helpful well beyond SIS classes… Like many, I will probably most remember the extracurriculars offered by the SIS, of which the trip to Hyderabad, India was clearly the highlight!

Ursula Demaël

BA in Biomedical Sciences, First Class, Oxford University 2022

Gibbs Prize issued by University of Oxford, July 2022.

 Academic Prize for achieving the highest overall grade in the Biomedical Sciences cohort

Lise Neubeck

Der SIS-Unterricht hat mir Selbstvertrauen mitgegeben, was mir im Studium und bei Bewerbungsgesprächen hilft. Die mündlich orientierten Arbeitsmethoden der SIS nützen mir heute sehr. Wenn ich an meine Schulzeit denke, bin ich sehr dankbar, denn es war für mich eine sehr schöne Zeit, die mir viel Freude, Wissen und Sicherheit gebracht hat.

Alessandro Roberto

Bachelor's Degree Sciences humaines et sociales 2020-2023, Science Po Paris

Als Kind habe ich 5 Jahre in Deutschland gelebt, dann war ich in den SIS und habe hier das deutsche Abitur bestanden. Meine Erfahrungen in den SIS haben mich sehr gut auf mein jetziges Studium vorbereitet, vor allem die Tatsache, dass ich gelernt habe, einen kritischen und offenen Blick auf alles, was uns umgibt, zu entwicklen. Lernen und Wissen ist wichtig, aber Denken können ist genauso wichtig! 

A bilingual education has proven to be tremendously valuable professionally and also deeply impactful on a personal level. What I am perhaps most grateful for is the SIS's commitment in offering a stellar education within a public school environment. This brought us in contact with students from all walks of life and taught us what it means to be mindful, respectful and inclusive of social diversity. Much of who I am, and what I stand for, stems from this incredible lifelong experience.

Edouard Hargrove

Masters in Research in Political Theory, Sciences-Po 2022

Grade: Mention "Cum laude" (1st decile)

Alexandre Dillemann

Master of Engineering - MEng, Mechanical Engineering, 2022-2026, University of Nottingham

I gained much over the course of the 12 years that I spent at the SIS. 

The dedication, energy, perseverance and humanity of SIS staff allowed me to feel fulfilled and well-rounded as a person. Studying a rich, bilingual curriculum in a culturally diverse environment has taught me crucial values and skills such as empathy, gratitude, and emotional intelligence, which I whole-heartedly live by and practice everyday.

The international section was an key eye-opening experience for me and triggered a deep desire to learn, become aware and stay curious.


The literature I studied during my time at the SIS has nurtured my imagination and artistic research to this day. I still remember The Waste Land by TS Eliot, Middlesex by J. Eugenides and Virginia Woolf’s stream of consciousness, which were all mind-blowing discoveries.

Isabella Hin is a visual artist, specialised in photography, video-making and installations. Her work explores the elusive and enigmatic qualities of water, especially dark water and how they link to the complexities of the unconscious. 

Isabella Hin

Masters Beaux Arts de Paris 2017

Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains 2021

Awarded the Agnès b. prize 2017

Her work has been shown in institutions such as le Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Musée la Piscine, musée LAM- art brut.