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Lower Secondary - Collège

The four years of lower secondary school aim to instil a love of learning and to help our students become confident and autonomous learners.

In small groups of around 17 students, our teachers use a positive and interactive pedagogy to develop children's creative and critical-thinking skills whilst building on their bilingualism and a multicultural view of the world.

We have 2 types of programmes for bilingual children in lower secondary: integrated (International Section) and the Wednesday Secondary School. Both programmes are taught by our team of qualified native-speaking teachers.

At the end of 3ème, students will obtain the Diplôme National du Brevet Option Internationale (D.N.B.I - option britannique).



Stephanie Daly Head of English

Our expert team of teachers aim to develop curious and inquisitive learners who know how to ask questions, explore layers of meaning and to autonomously take their understanding beyond the classroom. 

Through a range of classic and contemporary novels, poetry and plays, our students develop a passion for stories and story-telling and hone their linguistic ability to respond creatively and critically to a diversity of voices and points of view.  

Isaac Leaver Head of History-Geography

Our core mission in History-Geography is to engage our students' curiosity and build bridges across cultures, their histories, societies and institutions. 

We aim to cultivate a keen awareness and a nuanced, critical response to the challenges of our complex contemporary world. 

Our students learn the skills to think independently and collaboratively, to connect their knowledge and to form their own views and perspectives. 

Integrated Programme - International Section

Language and Literature


IGCSE First Language English 

In Troisème and Seconde, all students in the Anglophone Section study for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Education), which is a slightly modified version of the GCSEs taken by all students at this age level in the UK.

The IGCSE is assessed and awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education, one of the official Examination Boards in the UK and the international partner that oversees and validates the British option of the BFI (Baccalauréat Français International) in consultation with the French Education Nationale authorities. 

The IGCSEs demand the same standards of knowledge and skills as British GCSEs but their syllabuses are designed for an international context. Results are expressed in Grades A (A* for outstanding work), B, C, D, E, F, G, or U (unclassified); everyone gets a grade but grades A-C are a “pass” and indicate a standard which would allow the pupil to continue study at a higher level.

At SIS, we see the IGCSE Language and Literature examinations as an essential stage in the preparation for the OIB, as well as an indicator of both a pupil’s academic ability in first language learning and how effective and comparable our teaching is to benchmarks in Britain and internationally.

High achievement on the IGCSE can be advantageous for applications to universities in the UK and, more generally, to a student’s “international’ CV.

We are very proud of the attainments of our students at the SIS whose results are consistently excellent year on year. You can see our results ici.

Lower Secondary - Collège News

Collège de Sèvres

International Sections 

Anglophone Integrated Programme

Collège Gounod


International Section 

Anglophone Integrated Programme

Collège Verhaeren

Saint-Cloud                   International Section 

Anglophone Integrated programme

Wednesday Secondary School

This lower secondary afternoon programme is a popular option at the SIS for near-native speaking and bilingual students.

Students enjoy exploring literary texts, developing their skills of writing and honing their oral expression with bilingual friends from different schools. 

Our Wednesday Secondary programme also includes project-based learning lessons, where mixed year groups work together on a thematic project. 

Learn more about our Wednesday School here.




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