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Baccalauréat Français International

BFI parcours bilingue option britannique

Le parcours bilingue exige un très haut niveau en langue anglaise avec les enseignements spécifiques de la section internationale de 8,5 heures par semaine. Cet examen est la plus haute certification de bilinguisme possible en fin d’études secondaires en France et sert de passeport vers les études supérieures en France et à l’étranger.


As part of the core curriculum in 6e and 5e at the SIS, pupils prepare for the Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint tests in the spring of the 5e year. These diagnostic tests provide evidence of readiness for the next stage of the English programme, assessing skills, knowledge and understanding expected at the end of the early secondary years. Through Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint, learners experience a test held under external examination conditions and gain early preparation for Cambridge IGCSE. 

The tests are marked by Cambridge examiners to provide a benchmark of learner performance on Reading
, Usage and 

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In Troisième and Seconde, all pupils in the English Section study for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Education), which is a slightly modified version of the GCSEs taken by all students at this age level in the UK.

The IGCSE is assessed and awarded by CIE (Cambridge International Examinations), one of the official Examination Boards in England and the international specialist among examining bodies who oversees the OIB (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat).

The IGCSEs demand the same standards of knowledge and skills as British GCSEs but their syllabuses are designed for an international context. Results are expressed in Grades A (A* for outstanding work), B, C, D, E, F, G, or U (unclassified); everyone gets a grade but grades A-C are a “pass” and indicate a standard which would allow the pupil to continue study at a higher level.

At SIS, we see the IGCSE Language and Literature examinations as an essential stage in the preparation for the OIB, as well as an indicator of both a pupil’s academic ability in first language learning and how effective and comparable our teaching is to benchmarks in Britain and internationally.

High achievement on the IGCSE can be advantageous for applications to universities in the UK and, more generally, to a student’s “international’ CV.

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