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Talk for Writing

Our primary teachers are all trained in the pedagogy of 'Talk for Writing'. Children's language skills are engaged, developed and challenged using this powerful method. 

See our pupils in action here (link to video)


I love vegetables!

Prime Times

Children's learning and activities are showcased in the Primary magazine published annually. 

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Prime times 2023

Deux types de programmes en langue maternelle qui s'adresse à des enfants bilingues.

Integrated Programme

  • Bilingual student equally strong in English and French
  • 6 hours of instruction in Literacy, Geography, History and Science

Learn more about the integrated programme


Catherine Potter

Head of Primary

The range of skills and knowledge children acquire during the primary years is astounding, not only academically but also socially, physically and emotionally.

It is the primary team’s mission to support this development and lay solid foundations for their progression to secondary. 

Our teachers know how to respond to the needs of learners of diverse profiles - support, challenge and fun are our key words.


Wednesday School

  • Native speaker or fluent English speaker (French not needed)
  • 3 hours literacy afternoon programme
  •  3 hours morning workshops in English (optional)

learn more about THE wednesday school Programme


Ralph Tidmarsh

Head of Wednesday School 

The Wednesday School is a unique environment for English-speaking children: a passionate and talented teaching team, a bespoke curriculum and outstanding learning and results. 

Our teachers value each and every child and are committed to supporting our pupils in their learning and language acquisition. 

Our varied morning workshops are an excellent complement to pupils' afternoon lessons.



Primary Events

Christmas Play 

Just before the Christmas holidays, the two sections come together to watch a Christmas themed play, have a fabulous tea and do traditional games such as pass the parcel.  Parent volunteers play a large role in the event.


The children from both sections are able to borrow from our stock of thousands of English library books on a regular basis.

Sports Day 

In the summer term the integrated children from both host French schools come together to do traditional summer sports such as rounders, wheelbarrow and egg and spoon races and to end the day, a massive tug of war competition.

Summer Fair 

At the end of the year, the two sections come together to celebrate: bouncy castles, candy floss, throwing the welly are just some of the attractions on offer. Parent volunteers play an invaluable role in the success of this event.

Spellathons & Readathons 

A challenging and satisfying way of raising money for good causes.

Love in a Box 

Each Christmas, many of our families participate in this charitable act to spread a bit of joy and happiness around us.