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Primary Integrated Programme

Integrated Programme - International Section Our Primary programme is integrated over two half days of classes during the school week. When the students are not with their SIS teachers, all native-speakers of English, they follow the classic French curriculum with their French classmates. 

The children follow a curriculum that covers the five areas of English: spelling; reading; writing; speaking and listening. Their learning is scaffolded by the "Talk for Writing" method to stimulate and develop learners' skills. In addition, the children in the integrated classes are taught in English History and Geography and, for the CP and CP2 classes, Science (following the French curriculum).



Talk for Writing

Our primary teachers are all trained in the pedagogy of 'Talk for Writing'. Children's language skills are engaged, developed and challenged using this powerful method. 

See our pupils in action here (link to video)

Integrated Programme - International Section

Now and Then

The P2 have been looking at objects from the past and learning why and how things change. Mrs Potter regaled them with stories of what things were like when she was little because she is so old!

École Ferdinand Buisson


Section internationale anglophone

École Gambetta A


International Section Anglophone

Lunch Time Activities

Our integrated pupils have the option of taking part in activities in English during the lunch breaks.